The Infant Examination


InfantIt is very easy to perform an oral examination for a child younger than three-years-old. The examination method is called the knee-to-knee examination. The knee-to-knee method begins with your child sitting on your lap facing you. Dr. Hartmann will sit across from you. Then, Dr. Hartmann and you will touch knees and you will lay your child’s head into Dr. Hartmann's lap.

Children at this age will either feel comforted in this position, since they are in their parent’s lap, or they may start to cry. Crying is a good thing! That's because the mouth of a crying child’s is open big. This allows Dr. Hartmann to easily perform an oral examination.

Once the examination is completed, a tooth cleaning demonstration is performed and a fluoride treatment may be applied.

Once these steps are completed, Dr. Hartmann and you will discuss important items to ensure your child’s oral health.